Digital Neighbors Was Hacked & Cleaned By A Great Company

If your WordPress website is under brute force attack, it means that hackers are using automated software to obtain login-in information to inject malicious malware and compromise your site for personal gain. Many people use “admin” for the username which is a big mistake. That is giving hackers a definite advantage of having one-half the login easily available. Hackers check all short passwords with the software. Longer passwords or phrases make it much exponentially harder for hackers to succeed. So it is definitely to your advantage to have long and difficult passwords with numbers and symbols. Hackers will just spend so much time on a site and then move on to less protected websites.

To defend your WordPress website against brute force attacks, some simple precautions that you can take to ensure that your site is protected. Always have complex passwords as previously mentioned. WordPress has plugins available to limit the number of times a user may attempt to login into a site, and locking out users who exceed the number of attempts. It is also important to keep all plugins and themes up to date. If you follow these guidelines, it is tough for hackers to enter your website.

WordPress malware removal is essential to clean your site as soon as possible. If your website has been hacked and you notice the “this site may be hacked warning” in Google, these professional technicians will clean your site and have it back online quickly and efficiently, hardened to protect it against future brute force attacks.